Try Everything – Zootopia Review

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Try Everything – Zootopia Review

As you know, I’m a furry. I love all things furry (well, clean things). I am proud to identify with myself and who I want to be. I love it – I’ve never really been able to identify more clearly. So it’s really not surprising that I had been totally pumped for Zootopia for months – and here’s my review.

Spoilers. So many spoilers. If you haven’t seen it yet, go away.

I went to see Zootopia not once, but twice the week of my birthday. The day before my birthday I went with my “Mamas” Gina and Erin. Erin even wore one of my tails with me! It was fantastic. Then, I went to see it with Lara, RJ, and Annika on Saturday when I went out to Baltimore to see them.

Overview of the plot: Zootopia is a world where animals have evolved into higher intelligence creatures. They’re still different animals, but they are anthropomorphic in every way possible. A little bunny named Judy grows up wanting to be a cop so she can make the world a better place. She becomes the first bunny cop that is out there, and gets hired to work in Center City Zootopia, a place where predators and prey live together happily – or do they?

That being said, Judy gets thrown into a world where there is underlying species separation and very few signs of harmony. She gets thrown into being a meter maid because they feel like she wouldn’t be able to do much else, but there are bad things going on in the city. There are 14 predators missing throughout the city, all different species. The department is working on it, but Judy doesn’t get assigned to anything her first day. Her second day as a meter maid, she has a rough day, but then

Her second day as a meter maid, she has a rough day, but then witnesses a crime and chases down a weasel with what they thought were rotting onions. While being lectured by Chief Bogo, a distressed otter whose husband is missing comes in and starts begging for help. Judy says she’ll take the case – and Bogo says, if she fails, then she has to resign. This starts her on a huge adventure – which I will let you see for yourself (I may mention pieces here and there, but you really have to see it).

Here’s my review!

Nick_and_Judy_RenderThe Characters. Okay, I loved them. Chief Bogo is a total loveable jerk. I just want to cuddle Clawhauser. Judy and Nick were amazing – and I’m not a big bunny person, but I absolutely adored everything that Judy brought to the table. I could relate to her, because she was constantly underestimated, and that was totally something that I dealt with growing up at times. Nick was a great smart-aleck character that you definitely want in your corner. I loved their development and everything that they brought to the table. And who could forget about Flash?

The Atmosphere And The Animation. Whoa. Holy freaking crap. The animation in this was some of the best I’ve ever seen from Disney. Not only that, but there was just such a cool feel to all of the different parts of the city. Even though it was animated, some of the art was so on point that it really felt like you were there in the middle of the action. 9156677c5cc42bff074db0f2c2413f04

The Fun. Can I tell you, this was a fantastic movie to see with friends? There were a couple times that I jumped or reacted strongly to whatever was happening on the screen, and I wasn’t the only one. It was just such a fun and unique movie that couldn’t help but feel like you were enjoying and embracing what is going on. Both times I watched it, I was completely engaged and having a great time, right from the beginning and to the end.

The Moral of the Story. Holy heck. There was a point in the movie (“Approximately 10% of Zootopia’s citizens are predators…”) where I gasped so loudly because I realized what was happening. You see, the story is about internalized prejudice. The separation between predators and prey was huge anclawhauserd, as the story went on, it got that much crazier and you saw just how much of a problem that it was. While most people used it as a metaphor for racism, I saw every area of it – homophobia, racism, xenophobia, sexism – you could fill anything in that blank and the
argument would work. And seeing that prejudice and how much it hurt brought tears to my eyes. There were several times during the movie that I just sat there with tears falling down my cheeks. Good job, Disney. You made me cry with a movie AGAIN.

All in all, Zootopia was amazing. Even if I wasn’t a furry (and I went with non-furry friends both times!), I would have really enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it yet, DO IT. You’ll love it.

Stay Furry (and Be Blessed!),