So, What’s With This Furry Thing?

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So, What’s With This Furry Thing?

One of the things that I have made incredibly clear on here is that I’m a furry. Now, I’m not going to start off with what furry isn’t – chances are, you’ve all heard about what people who aren’t in the fandom think that furry is, and so you don’t need me to sit there and tell you what it isn’t, so I will tell you what it is for me.

If you’re interested, the Anthrocon website has an incredibly good definition of what “furry” is.  The furry fandom is, in general, an interest in anthropomorphic animals, that is, animals that have human traits. This could be as simple as being interested in movies where animals talk (The Lion King, The Jungle Book) or could be as complicated as being a Therian (someone that believes that their avatar/fursona is them, not merely a representation of them).

So, instead of sitting here and blathering on and rambling about it, I will answer a few questions related to it that will hopefully give you a better idea of where I’m coming from.

ADGTHHow did you find furry?
I have been interested in anthropomorphic creatures since I was very young. I’ve always loved movies with animals that talked; my favorite movie as a kid was All Dogs Go to Heaven.  I loved the animated Robin Hood and I was goofy and barked at kids while in elementary school. That lead to a lot of teasing. I found the fandom itself through a Christian furry group that I’m not really involved with anymore, and then I found other things and my interest kind of exploded.

How long have you been in the community and what do you enjoy about it?

I found the community about four or five years ago, but I didn’t really start getting involved until this past summer. I think the thing that I love about it is that the community is so accepting (at least, the part of the community that I’m involved with). These people have become a significant part of my life and my schedule. I love how much they do online, too; because of my anxiety, it’s much easier for me to interact with people on the internet before I meet them face to face. The community is incredibly talented in the performing arts, and I watch a number of streams on a regular basis.

What is Furry to You?

Because of recent events, the furry fandom has become somewhere that I feel safe. It’s been hard for me these past few months, because of incidents that I’d rather not discuss on a public forum, I haven’t seen my church as a “safe place.” That means the only place I feel truly safe is my own house – how miserable is that? So, it’s more difficult than ever for me to get out and socialize (which I’m getting help for). The furry fandom is one of those places where I can interact with people and not be afraid. I also enjoy how talented and different everyone is –  I watch everything from a recording artist to an online puppet show, and I follow all sorts of artists.

What is/are your fursona(s)? 

First off, for you non-furs, a fursona is a “furry persona.” Think of an avatar or any other personality that you make in a video game. A fursona is how you’re identified in the fandom, essentially.

My fursona has evolved a lot over time. I have always felt a special connection to wolves and dogs, so Draya Blackfur 150x150it was only natural that my fursona had some sort of canid in it. So she started off as a pure black wolf, and then I shied away from the fandom a bit because I felt uncomfortable. When I reentered the fandom this summer, I rethought her a bit. I’ve always been seen to my friends as a “Mama Bear.” I’m the overprotective, big, fluffy bear that likes cold weather. So as I rethought her, she became this wolf/bear hybrid. The picture to the right is my friend CunningFox‘s interpretation of my character. Her fursona is a wolfbear as well, so she was able to give Draya some life. I have other pictures of Draya as well, including the one that you see on my “About Me” page. She is the only one who has drawn her, but I plan on getting more art as time goes on.

I came across the name Draya (variation of “Drea,” means “Courageous”) and liked the sound of it. It felt like it fit me well (as ironic as it is) and I got real creative and my fursona’s surname is “Blackfur.” Because, well. She has black fur. I am the most creative person on the face of the earth, obviously. I was going to change it, but I’ve been Draya Blackfur since the beginning and I plan to continue to be.

Are you a fursuiter? If yes, how many do you own?If No, do you ever plan on being a suiter?

I don’t have a complete suit as of yet. I need to get a head commissioned; I have all of the other pieces that I gathered over time. Since I’m a black wolfbear, it’s fairly easy to find pieces (tail, handpaws, footpaws), but the head is going to have to be made especially for me. I do plan on doing so, though, because it appeals to me and I think it would be a lot of fun. I’ve also heard that it’s great for people who have anxiety, because the anonymity allows you to feel a little less nervous.

Have you met other furries yet? 

Two of my closest friends from WoW are furries, actually. The other furries that I know, I have not met face to face yet (Insert obligatory BE CAREFUL WHO YOU MEET ON THE INTERNET GUYS lecture here). I will either try to get out to Anthrocon, the new Connecticut con and/or MegaPlex (in Florida) this year. It’s looking like I’ll most likely go to the con that replaced FurFright (in CT) before anything else. I can’t wait to meet people, because it will be lots of fun when I do, but at this moment, nope.

So yeah, I’m a furry. A fuzzbutt. Someone that enjoys furry animals and dressing up like one and all that fun stuff. I enjoy watching animated movies and collecting fun things that have bears and wolves on them. If you want to ask me anything, go for it. I’m all about talking about it, and will be glad if you are interested in it at all.

Be Blessed,