Reconciling Me – The Start of a New Chapter

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Reconciling Me – The Start of a New Chapter

A lot of people claim that they are going to become a new person in the New Year, and a lot of people fail at it. Changing who you are is hard! That’s why so many people ditch their New Year’s Resolutions so quickly. But what if, instead, people just used a term, a word that guided all of their actions and their thoughts in the New Year, instead of making specific goals? Yes, you can make goals, but if you revolve a year around an idea – the chance of failure is much, much less and you will do much more than you imagined.

Where did I get this idea of having a “word of the year?” I have a friend from college, her name is Gigi, and she made last year (2013) “The Year of Sexy.” It was neat to see the cool things that she was doing as a result of living according to being “sexy,” which she defined as “the kind of person who makes you feel like you could do anything, reach any height.” (Check out her blog, by the way – she is a digital nomad, a really insightful person, and a lot of other awesome things and her stories are always amazing).

So anyway, I have been thinking about what word I want to focus on this year. And as time has gone on, I realized there is one word I need to focus on quite desperately: reconciliation. Not because I think that I’ve done lots of things wrong, but because I want to be at peace with myself.

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