Finally, Some WoW Information!

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Finally, Some WoW Information!

So, now that I’m done being really freaking intense for three different entries (sorry about that), I’m going to talk about something that is that much lighter! This past week (when The Elder Scrolls Online came out, ironically… or not so much), WoW decided to announce that they were releasing the Alpha build for Warlords of Draenor.

Needless to say lots of people started freaking out. Why? Because they were like Oh noes! Only the Alpha? We are so screwed.” But from the dump of information that we’ve gotten in the past few days, I think they’re a lot further than they were when it came to the Mists of Pandaria alpha. We were in beta at this point with Mists, but Mists was unleashed in September – I’m thinking we’ll get a November release, closer to the release dates of other expansions that we’ve seen.

Anyway, there is so much alpha information that I haven’t had time to go through it – and before you ask, I haven’t gotten into the lore that’s coming in this expansion, and with good reason – I don’t like a lot of spoilers. I was given access to the beta with my annual pass thing that I did before Mists of Pandaria, and I went in it three times to go check out profession stuff – nothing more. I don’t like playing or learning about the story ahead of time because I feel like the playability of it, which includes the discovery of the quests and such. I have several characters that I plan to level to 100, so I’ll see the story plenty of times.

Check out what I’m excited for, after the break.

To make it much easier on you, I’m going to separate everything into a few categories, at least, the ones that matter to me. Yeah, I’m biased, what can I say.

Character Art. Holy freaking crap, the art. Have you seen the art? When they showed the male dwarf, the female gnome, the male orc, and the male undead in action at Blizzcon 2013, I freaked out. As I’ve mentioned before, my main, Faridoon, is a dwarf warrior. I am so freaking excited for how he’s going to look. All of the updated character models are freaking awesome, including the Tauren Male (which they just brought out this week), the Dwarf Female, and the Human Female. There was a Night Elf female that was datamined in the Alpha, but they claimed it was an early concept and that it’s been scrapped. Now, let me say – I liked it, other than the face. The body was pretty much perfect – it wasn’t all about the curves, it has some muscles and other fun things. Anyway, new character art is a lot of fun.

Pets and Mounts. They haven’t released a lot of them yet, but they showed some of them and needless to say, I squee’d. The Talbuk has always been one of my favorite mounts, and the way that they look in the Alpha make them that much more awesome! I am so excited about them. They also have a number of other pets (both hunter pets and companion pets) that they data mined, and mounts. I hope to goodness that I get to get a wolf mount on Ally side in Draenor. Yes, I know I can get one Ally side until 6.0 comes out, but I don’t raid normal raids anymore, and I’m not sure if I can pull off the skill to be able to currently. Also, the wolf puppy. I need one. Like yesterday. Please. But yeah, I’m excited about all of the pretty things that are being datamined here.

Class Changes. They put out the real 6.0 patch notes (as of now, of course), and there are a ton of changes on there. A lot of classes are like “oh noes! This is bad!” Honestly, I don’t mind anything that has been changed on the characters that I play, but it’s because that, honestly, DPS hasn’t been changed too much. A lot of the changes that came along affect tanks and healers more, at least that’s how I feel. It could also be because I’m a DPS warrior as a main, which means that I’m one of the specs that was affected the least. Of course, there were a couple of changes that made me turn my head, especially on my mage and druid, but in general, I’m pretty okay with them. The classes change every expansion, we just have to adapt and change things and get used to them again. You know what I’m most excited for, however? The fact that I finally have a threat dump/misdirect on my warrior with Glyph of Mocking Banner. I have been begging for that for two expansions, because when I get to this part of the expansion, I try really hard to not get threat, but I get it anyway.

New Content. I am working on a number of different characters, and I’ve gotten a lot of characters to 90. I’m working on the last one (quite slowly), which is a Troll Warlock who is currently at level 88. I liked Pandaria, a lot, specifically Krasarang, the Dread Wastes, and the Valley of the Four Winds (I liked the story in Townlong as well, but I hate the way the zone’s set up). So yes, I’m ready. My body is ready for new content that I haven’t seen 13 times before. Yes, Rah is going to be my 13th 90, and then Ghurc (my dwarf paladin) is going to be my 14th when I use my Warlords boost. So yeah, I’m going into Warlords with 14 90s, and the only class I won’t have at 90 will be a death knight. I was unemployed in there, don’t judge me. I’ll take my time leveling them, like I did with Mists. Fari will be first, then Velly, then Mengren, then Ori – which is pretty much what I did this expansion. The rest will follow slowly. But I’m glad I’ll have new content to level in!

So, that’s what I’m excited about in the World of Warcraft universe. See? I can talk about light things that don’t stress people out! If you’re a WoW gamer like me, what are you excited about? Are you excited about the changes we’re seeing? Or are you just laughing because I’m so ADD on this blog?

Be Blessed,