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Challenge! It’s Your Scene.

(This particular blog was inspired by this post on the WoW forums. A number of my characters would have been at the Garrosh trials, so this was how I wrapped them all into it. I play a number of toons on Wyrmrest Accord-US (Ally), Cenarion Circle-US (Ally) and Moon Guard-US (Horde)).

The old troll hobbled into the arena seating. He struggled to get up the stairs, but after a few moments, a couple of younger trolls in druidic garments had moved, offering him a seat. He nodded his appreciation, adjusting his spectacles as he sat down. Abrahfo (“Rah”) looked around the arena, observing the masses around him.

A Kaldorei, in druidic garb like the young trolls that had given Rah their seats, was sitting next to him; she gave him a quick glance, and a small smile. The elder troll looked back and offered a warm smile. The arena was packed, and there were many instances where those assumed to be of the Alliance were sitting next to members of the Horde. But, it was clear that the old troll had come across a group of representatives of the Cenarion Circle. He cleared his throat, his old, raspy voice coming out with that distinct, thick Troll accent.

“I din’t expect t’ see t’ Circle heah tonight.”

The Kaldorei jumped, seemingly a bit surprised that the Troll spoke to her. “I w-was doing w-work in the V-valley of the F-four Winds when everything h-happened.” She stammered quietly.

Rah nodded, offering another warm smile. “T’ings be pretteh bad theah, huh?” Without thinking, he pat the Kaldorei’s hand. She started to flinch, but a look in her eyes indicated that she realized that the old troll didn’t mean her any harm.

“Th-they aren’t getting the w-water they need. H-he destroyed the l-land, friend t-troll.”

Rah’s brow furrowed, and then his expression softened. “Din’t expec’ any diffant. ‘e be a monsta. And juu can call me Rah, drud’ess.”

“V-veliya.” She said, sighing. “I h-haven’t seen anything this bad since the events at H-hyjal. It’s such a mess there. Everything is barren.”

The old troll shook his head. “So, as all da droods, juu be lookin’ fo’ justice fo’ da land.”

Veliya nodded. “Wh-why are you here?”

Rah sighed, shaking his head. “He destroyed everyt’ing ol’ Vol’jin, T’rall, and Cairne work for in da Horde. Because o’ dat, I be heah. I also heah because da Horde be what I know. I was t’rown outta da citeh with da rest of my people, and da Tauren, and all da rest.” He leaned on his cane a moment, taking a drink of his water flask before continuing. “He be needin’ t’ be executed.”

Veliya nodded. “I usually w-would not call for d-death, because life is precious, but in this case, his life has b-brought nothing but death.”

The old troll nodded, patting the druid’s knee gently, like a grandfather would his grandchild. He kept his hand there in a comforting manner, both of their eyes shifting when the sound of a gong rang through the air…

At the same time that the old troll was talking to the Kaldorei, a dwarf and a Worgen were in another area of the arena, sharing some lunch. After swallowing part of his sandwich, he spoke, his cockney accent quite apparent. “Oi, there’s a ‘hole lotta people ‘ere, Fari.” He peered over his spectacles at the elder Dwarf, who had his mouth full at the time.

The dwarf, Professor Faridoon Stoneshatter (better known as “Fari”) didn’t bother to swallow before replying,  crumbs falling into his beard. “Aye, a whole lotta people be plen’y pissed at ‘im.”

Brother Rabee Softfang (the young worgen) nodded. “Go’ some crumbs in your beard, Fari.” He chuckled softly. “When did ya realize that ya wanted t’ be here for this?”

Fari sighed, leaning back and brushing the crumbs from his long beard. He swallowed his bite of the sandwich before replying this time. “I suppose when I saw ‘ow much ‘e destroyed th’ Vale. As I’ve been doing work with the Explorer’s League in Pandaria, I’ve become quite fond o’ the Pandaren. Only ones ‘ho can hold their drink like me, and they’re frien’ly, hospitable people. So I suppose it’s the fact that I want justice for them, ya know? They’re great folks.”

Rabee nodded. “When th’ Alliance called me t’ come help with the mission in Krasarang as a mender, I realized I’d never seen anythin’ quite as purdy as th’ wilds down there. Lots o’ craziness there too, but I was glad t’ be helpin’. Garrosh sent some of his nastiest to come and mess with us down there durin’ Operation Shieldwall, and I kep’ thinkin’, this gonna ge’ worse. Then I found ou’ about the bell, and ‘im ‘urtin’ Prince Anduin… and I was livid.”

Fari nodded, patting the Worgen’s paw. “Tha’ orc is a monster from th’ very pits of th’ Maelstrom. I just hope…” The old dwarf stopped mid sentence as the crowd fell silent; the only noise that could be heard was a gong that rang louder than any of the banter and discussion in the crowd….


Across the way, a pair of Kaldorei were sitting together. One of them was dressed in the regalia of the Shen’dralar. Her brow was furrowed, and she looked very stressed out. The other Kaldorei was much smaller in stature, no larger than some female humans. She looked almost as uncomfortable, and on her back was a cloak of the Shadow Wardens. The two Kaldorei were Orienda (“Ori”) and Amber Springshadow, cousins who had left lives of corruption and deceit almost half a decade ago, in order to work toward a better world.

Ori put her hand on Amber’s back, patting it gently. “Are you alright, dear one?” She said in a matronly tone, looking toward the smaller Kaldorei with a concerned gaze.

Amber shuddered at Ori’s touch, and it was obvious she was uncomfortable with all of these people around. After relaxing, the small Kaldorei spoke. “That bastard needs to rot.” She mumbled.

Ori sighed heavily. “Are you sure you want to be here, Amber? I know it pains you to…”

“He took away the life of so many people I cared about, Ori. You know it, because he took them away too! It is -his fault- that our mates are dead. That monster…”

“Shh, shh, Amber. Don’t draw attention to us, dear heart.” She rubbed the smaller Kaldorei’s back. “Many of us in this crowd have lost loved ones to his careless, heartless deeds. He has destroyed almost everything he has come into contact with, and he will pay for his transgressions – the Shado Pan will make sure of it.”

Amber put her arms around her knees and hid her face, sniffling and holding back a few tears. “I miss them, Ori…”

The mage shook her head, putting an arm around the smaller Kaldorei. “I do, too, Amber. But we will get through this – we are strong.” The sound of the gong rang through the air, and both Kaldorei looked toward the center of the arena…

As the arena fell silent, one stern, almost infuriated Pandaren voice rang from the center of the arena.

“This is the trial of Garrosh Hellscream, accused of coming to our lands and destroying the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the lifeblood of Pandaria. We, the Shado-Pan, bring forward these convictions in this arena for a public trial…”

Many in the crowd boo’d at the large orc in chains, and the trial began…

(I know it’s long, which is why it’s here and not the forums. Hope you enjoyed it! ~Fari)