Who am I? Until now, that was a very complicated question. And even at the wise old age of 29, I’m still trying to figure it out. Here’s a brief overlook of who I am, from the eyes of the ‘net.


If you know me from video games, you likely know me as Faridoon Stoneshatter, or “Fari.” My main is a dwarf warrior on World of Warcraft, I play a warrior in Diablo 3, and I kick butt with my warlock deck in Hearthstone.  I love chasing after achievements, running old content, and doing a bunch of crazy things. Some of you may know me from my old blog, The Achievement Warrior

Draya icon 2If you know me from the furry community, you know me as Draya Blackfur. I’m a friendly, yet opinionated black wolf/bear hybrid that loves Jesus and loves other people too. I am currently looking to commission a costume head and plan on going to a convention or two  later in 2014. I also plan on fursuiting some, because that just sounds like a blast!

Marti HippieThen, of course, there’s the other side of me. The side that most of the people that come on here are used to. If you know me “in real life,” then you know me as Marti Wormuth. Known to some people as “Mama Marti,” I’m a former youth volunteer, devoted Christian, and loyal friend. I enjoy playing board games, video games, card games, and listening to great music.

It sounds weird to call this my “coming out,” but in a lot of ways, this is. There are a select few of you that know all of these areas of my life, and accept me for it. There are others who are probably going to be blown away by the “hidden areas” of my life. Want to learn more? Then your next destination should be my intro page!